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Q:  What is Doggie Day Care?

A:  Doggie Day Care is care of your dog during the day while you are away at work, running errands, day travel or just fun and excercise for your

Q: I would like to check out your facility. When may I come by to see it?

A: Visitors are always welcome at The Doggie Playhouse, M-F 6:30 AM to 6:30PM And Saturdays 7:30AM to 2:30PM (THE DOGGIE PLAYHOUSE IS CLOSED M-F FROM 12-2PM DUE TO NAPTIME). You can come down to meet our staff.  Early morning and late afternoon times are very busy due to dogs being dropped off and picked up.  

Q: Are you open on holidays?

A: Yes, We are open 365 days a year, due to boarding. However, day care is only available Monday-Saturday and we are closed for daycare on major holidays.  Although we might be closed to the public on specific days/holidays our staff is still busy working with our sleepover guests!

Q: Will my dog adjust to doggie daycare/boarding? He's never been away from home.

A: Some dogs require a little more adjusting than others. In some cases, it helps the pet to only stay for a few hours during it's first visit and build up to a whole day and then to boarding. Most shy dogs or dogs that haven't been socialized enough usually benefit tremendously from daycare. They become less shy, more socialized and have a great time!

Q: What shots are required for my dog to participate in daycare?

A: The following shots are required for participation in daycare at The Doggie Playhouse (updated records are required): Rabies, Distemper, Parenfluenza, Parvo and Bordetella.

Q: How do I make reservations for daycare or boarding for my dog who has never been there before?

A: You can call The Doggie Playhouse and schedule an interview, or email us by visiting our "Contact Us" page. At the interview, the dog's shot records are reviewed and the dogs temperament is tested to make sure he/she is friendly to people and to other dogs. After the interview, your dog may come for daycare at any time.

Q: What happens at a temperament evaluation? 

A:  First, you and your dog will meet with a staff member to fill out and review your application* and registration form*, shot records must be reviewed as well.  At that time we answer any questions you may have.  Because the safety and well being of your dog is our priority, we conduct these evaluations to make sure that our daycare is a good fit for your dog.  Then your dog will be introduced to and "sniffed" by a few of our other canine clients.  Once your dog lets us know that he wants to play with the "pack", he will spend the rest of the evaluation in the main play area with the rest of our canine clients.
* To save time you can print fill out
the application and registration
form and bring them with you
to your interview.  See our Services
page for the links.

Q: Can I bring my own food?

A: Yes, you are always welcome to bring your own food. It's much better for the pet to continue on their regular diet. But, we do have nutritious food available for your dog at a small fee.  For boarders, you are also encouraged to bring a special blanket, bed or toy that will make them feel comfortable and more at home.

Q: What is required of my dog?

A: Dogs must not be aggressive towards other dogs or people. Dogs cannot be possessive over toys. They must be current on all required vaccinations.  Adult dogs must be spayed or neutered, and all dogs must be free from internal and external parasites., as well as be on a flea preventative.  Since each dog is screened individually, no breed is automatically eliminated.


Q: What if my dog acts aggressively toward another dog while at The Doggie Playhouse?

A: If the act is mild, the dog will be placed in a timeout until s/he has calmed down. If the aggression causes harm to another dog, you will be responsible for any veterinary care for that dog and your dog will not be allowed back unless the behavior has been modified through training.

Q:  What does the staff at The Doggie Playhouse do? 

A: The staff monitors the dogs' play at all times, gives them lots of love and attention, reinforces basic commands, gives praise and healthy treats as reward for good behavior, facilitates the small play groups and, of course, cleans up after them.

Q: What about big dogs and small dogs together?

A: Many small dogs may think they are big dogs, but any Doggie Daycare should have separate rooms for both small and big dogs as they they need to be separated for different play games. We have a large play room for large dogs, and a small area for small dogs as well as puppies. 


Q:  My dog is shy around other dogs, is Doggie Day Care right for us?

A:  We encourage you to first come down for a tour. See the facility, see how safe the dogs are and how much fun they are having. Many dogs come to Doggie Day Care for many different reasons. Some because they are an only dog and want fun and exercise. Some come for the socialization and ability to "be a dog", and some have separation anxiety and need to be around people and other dogs. Because we have different areas of the Daycare, we can help your dog socialize with other dogs their own size and temperament. We know that many dogs are timid before coming to Doggie Daycare, but once they attend are now more confident, socialized and are more sure of themselves.

Q:  What do you do in case of an emergency?  

A:  We will contact our local vet, to receive instructions and then contact you.

Q:  With all those dogs, won't the facility smell?
A:  One of the priorities of The Doggie Playhouse staff is to provide a clean environment for our canine clients and for our staff.  In order to do this,  we immediately clean up feces and urine, we clean the indoor play area throughout the day and we clean and disinfect the play area floor nightly.

Q: How much does daycare/boarding cost?
A: Please refer to our "services" page for a complete list of all of our prices.

Didn't find the answer to your question here?  Feel free to give us a call (302-456-DOGS) or email us at: TheDoggiePlayhouse@Yahoo.Com .  We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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