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Michele - Mom to Moxi, Migz and Mojo Wrote: 

We have been family of The Doggie Playhouse for over 10 years, ever since our dogs were pups. The Doggie Playhouse’s staff are the only other people besides my mother that I would ever trust to provide the level of care to our dogs that I require. Our dogs are considered our children and we now consider Kelli, Joe and the staff part of our extended family when it comes to caring and loving our fur babies. I highly recommend them. Having Kelli, Joe and the staff involved in the care of your dogs will bring you peace of mind and you will wish you had gone to the Doggie Playhouse sooner. We are blessed to have Kelli, Joe and the staff in our lives. 

Kristen - Ralphie's Mom Wrote:

This place is awesome! Kelli took amazing care of Ralphie! Definitely going to take all my future pets here because of her! Highly recommend! 

Maria - Sydney's Mom Wrote:

Our dog Sydney has been going to The Doggie Playhouse for a few years. We had tried several other local daycares but weren’t happy with them for one reason or another. What sets The Doggie Playhouse apart is the personalized approach. They always greet me and my dog by name, spend time talking with us, and letting us know how her visit was. They offer special theme days every few months (Luau, Halloween, Santa Paws, art day) where they decorate and throw parties/take cute themed photos for day campers. I know they love my dog (almost) as much as I do and she’s well cared for there. I wouldn’t take her anywhere else! 


Karla - Major & Tona's Mom Wrote:

Love it! The Best!

Doggie Playhouse is a great place. I was in a bit of a predicament and really needed someone to watch my two dogs. I contacted a friend and got the name and number of the place where she takes her dog, doggie playhouse. I contacted them and without a blink of an eye they were happy to help. They were able to take wonderful care of my dogs for 3 nights for me,, and my dogs, and I, loved them! Everyone there was so super sweet and my dogs have stayed many other times since then and those stays were just as great as the first.


Angela - Layla's Mom Wrote:

Wow. Given the past two years worth of experience I have with the Doggie Playhouse, I cannot believe that I failed to write a testimonial for them! Thank goodness I can now correct that with a review they deserve 5 times over.

They are fantastic!!  I adopted my dog over 3 years ago as a puppy and wanted to get him socialized.  I researched alot of dog daycares out there and also visited them.  Doggie playhouse blew me away compared to everyone else.  The people there are truly dog lovers and show that with everything that they do.  You can tell it is not just a business for the owner, she really cares about every dog that they take care of!  She has never hesitated to take time out to answer any questions or concerns I have and has always given me advice as to how to handle different issues I might be having with my dog at home.

I love these guys and that is why my dogs has been going to daycare there (and boards) regularly since the first week he came to me.  If you love your dog, this is the place to take them! You will, and they, will be very happy! 


Vince - Sasha's Dad Wrote:

Best thing ever!! Started taking my pup for half days and am now using the full day service. $27 for full $15 for half. Includes nail trimming. My girl is asleep in the car before we can leave the parking lot and is just a big ball of cuddles when we get home. Priceless service. The staff is awesome too. Super friendly to my pup and myself. 


Rick - Harley's Dad Wrote:

This place is awesome! We've taken our dog to a few different doggie daycares and we can tell that by far, this is her favorite. Every time we pull up, Harley's tail starts wagging and she can't wait to get inside. No matter who's there to greet us, they always make a big fuss over her before taking her into the back to play. It's obvious that this place is owned by a dog lover. Kelli is so great at keeping us posted on how Harley is doing at camp.

They also offer full grooming, which is excellent. Harley always comes home so soft and looking good after her baths.

I can tell you for sure, a tired dog is a happy dog, and Harley is always exhausted after a full day of play. If you are looking for a place for your dog to play or board, this is the place!





Jim & Charlene Mylin
Jasper's Parents Write:


It is long overdue but I want to express our appreciation to all the staff at the Doggie Playhouse. Jasper, our very shy boy, has been playing there regularly two days a week for the last 6 1/2 years. I realized how happy his time there must be when he ran to Kelli last week after being dropped off. A very rare thing for Jasper to do with anyone but family. I think that says it all.....the Doggie Playhouse staff has become his family too. Thanks to all!

Jim & Charlene Mylin



Andrea Sweeney
Cody's Mom Writes:


Cody loves coming to The Doggie Playhouse...When we make the turn at the light and head into the complex he immediately knows where he is going and gets so excited he can hardly control himself.  Our family says when we go on vacation Cody goes on vacation.  Thanks for taking such good care of all of your guests!!! Much appreciated

Andrea Sweeney
West Grove, Pa

Susan Durkee
Brayton (and Lucy/Cleo's) Mom Writes:


What a perfect home away from home for my dog Brayton. No where could I find a more caring loving safe place for my guy.  He loves it there and I know he is getting plenty of attention and exercise with all his canine and human buds. I feel very fortunate to have found such an excellent facility for Brayton.  It is more than obvious the love and care that Kelli and her staff put into the Doggie Playhouse.
On behalf of Brayton and myself we truly thank you for being the perfect doggie daycare!

Susan Durkee
Newark, De

Anna Geortler
Noah's Mom Writes:

Our Puppy Noah started to go to Daycare as a way to socialize him with other dogs but we have certainly received much more from the experience. Noah had some dietary and training challenges in his first year and the staff of the doggie Playhouse were always aware of his needs and very helpful in moving his progress along.

My schedule changes frequently and everyone has been so accomadating with last minute changes. Even when Noah has been a stay over guest we can call and check in on him. We even received a call from the staff when we were away to ensure that all Noah's needs were being met.

I can't say enough about the difference it has made in Noah's well being. I tell as many people as I can that have new dogs to try some time at the playhouse.

Anna Geortler
Newark, De

Cathy & Tom Sheehan
Gracie's Parents Write:


Gracie loves the Doggie Playhouse, her home away from home! She knows when we turn onto Dawson Drive that we are almost there. She will be sound asleep in the back seat of the car and still know when we have made the turn.  She immediately gets up and is ready to get out of the car! She has been going to the Doggie Playhouse full time since she was 9 wks. old. After 1 1/2 years, she is still just as excited to get in there to play with her friends as she was on the first day. She loves the staff also. She gets so excited to see them in the morning! I know that she is having fun and getting lots of attention and love. Thanks Kelli & Staff for giving me peace of mind while I am at work!

Cathy & Tom Sheehan
Newark, De

Dawn Fischer
Ginger's Mom Writes:

I have tried 5 other kennels prior to bringing Ginger to "Doggie Playhouse".  You are by far the "Best In Class".  The people are great and they really care about the dogs.  I am a customer for life!  Thank you for taking such good care of Ginger!
Dawn Fischer
Wilmington, De

Sylvia Wyatt
Maximus' Mom Writes:

I absolutely LOVE The Doggie Playhouse.  I highly recommend your facility to other dog owners.  I would never consider putting Maximus in another facility.  The Doggie Playhouse is his Home Away From Home.  Thanks for all you do to help me feel great about entrusting you with one of my most treasured possessions.

Sylvia Wyatt
Oxford, Pa 19363

Denise Jakotowicz
Rocco & Ruby's Mom Writes:

My "kids", Rocco & Ruby, are both full-time day care dogs. Rocco joined The Doggie Playhouse in December 2005 when they opened. He’s very proud that he was their first full-time day care dog!! Ruby joined our family in 2007 and she’s been in daycare ever since.
I can’t begin to express my gratitude to the amazing staff at The Doggie Playhouse. 2005 was an interesting year for Rocco and me. I was a new dog mom, and I wanted to do all the right things. I hadn’t had the joy of having a dog since I was a child, but I always felt that because I worked so much it would be unfair to leave a dog alone for several hours a day. I finally decided that I’d get a puppy and take it to daycare while I worked and we’d both be happy! Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way. Even after a thorough due diligence, Rocco ended up at a daycare where he wasn’t cared for properly – much less loved. I grew increasingly wary of the conditions there, and the place that was supposed to ease my mind and allow me to focus on my job was causing me great stress. I knew I had to make a move, even though I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with Rocco while I was away from home for 12+ hours a day. Happily, I learned through a trusted friend that The Doggie Playhouse was opening in December. Rocco and I went to the open house and I knew immediately that we’d found a new home away from home.

Over the past 3 + years, I’ve learned so much from these wonderful, caring people. They willingly share information, give me advice and educate me on topics ranging from proper training to nutrition. But the truth lies in whether you’re dog is actually happy. It warms my heart every morning when we turn onto Route 72. That’s the point where neither Rocco nor Ruby can contain their excitement…they know that they’re seconds away from sheer doggie bliss!! They can’t get through the door fast enough to be with their friends. I can honestly say that once I drop them off, I don’t worry about them for a minute. I know they’re having fun, they’re being well cared for, and most importantly, they’re loved. When I pick them up at the end of the day, they’ve had plenty of exercise and they’re content and tired…and so am I.

In addition to being loved and happy, they’re very pampered! Because The Doggie Playhouse offers grooming services, Rocco and Ruby are able to get baths and have their nails trimmed while they’re at daycare so I don’t have to fit grooming into my already jam-packed weekends! The dogs also enjoy festive events such as Halloween and birthday parties – the girls go all out to make every day special!
I’m eternally grateful to the staff at The Doggie Playhouse for all that they’ve done to improve our quality of life. I’d like to say that I’m their biggest fan, but I know there are plenty of other parents out there that would say the same!!

Denise Jakotowicz
Bear, De 19701


Crystal Wooler
Scrappy's Mom Writes:


I am so thankful for Doggie Playhouse! Scrappy seems to know when Thursday comes and it's time for him to go to doggie daycare! He gets excited, and barks each time I pull into the parking lot. Scrappy loves playing with the other dogs, and has a blast while he is there. I love being able to pick him at the end of the day and he's exhausted...makes driving home that much easier and relaxing. The staff is extremely polite and friendly! The Doggie Playhouse and Staff have been so wonderful that my new puppy will soon join Scrappy in the excitement!

Crystal Wooler
Elkton, Md


Ed & Connie Guthrie
Lady Bug's Parents write:


Kelli and Staff:

Being new to the area and both of us working full time we needed to take care of our dog, "Lady," and not have to worry. Taking Lady to The Doggie Playhouse is great. We feel secure with her safety and well being, she has fun and is exhausted when we pick her up (a good thing). What impressed me was that I was able to take her prior to her start there and the owner, Kelli, walked her through with the other dogs to assure they would "fit in." All shot records were required and it says a lot, when the owner greets clients in the morning and personally takes their dog.  The staff is friendly, courteous and it is obvious they love their dogs.

Thank you for all you do.
Ed & Connie Guthrie
Elkton, MD
Teresa Holton
Nikki’s Mom Writes:

What does one do with a high spirited Jack Russell puppy in the dead of winter?  The Doggie Playhouse to the rescue!  “Nikki” can’t wait to get out the door in the mornings and spend the day playing with all her friends, especially ‘Rocco’.  The staff at The Doggie Playhouse is very sensitive to the needs of each individual dog and provides a great service with personalized care, attention to detail and lots of entertainment to keep our canine companions occupied.  They even have snacks and nap time – a dog couldn’t ask for more!

Teresa Holton,
Landenberg, Pa

Vanessa Haney
Lilly’s Mom Writes:

The Doggie Playhouse was able to fit me in on Memorial Day weekend as a new client.  They were happy to welcome my busy-bodied golden retriever into their hectic schedule.  My dog, Lilly, gets excited now just pulling up to The Doggie Playhouse every time I take her.  She is thrilled to get inside and play with her new buddies.  In addition to the fun and exercise, Lilly has learned priceless skills such as sharing and being more respectful to other dogs and humans.  I am soon relocating and sadly, but fondly, will think of how awesome the staff at The Doggie Playhouse treated me and Lilly, my best friend.

Vanessa Haney
Newark, De

Kate Sanders
Charlie’s Mom Writes:

I recently had the pleasure of leaving my dog in the care of The Doggie Playhouse.  As a first time dog owner, I have learned a lot from my 9 month old Shepherd/Beagle mix, Charlie.  A big no-no…  Do not board your favorite canine companion at the vet!  It is hard enough for a dog to be left by his owners, and add to that being caged up and walked infrequently, if at all. 

I take frequent two or three night trips and Charlie has visited four different facilities.  After the vet boarding incident, we tried a Best Friends Pet Hotel.  The name is attractive, but if you cannot afford playtime, which will double your boarding costs, this locale is no different from the vet.  The Petsmart PetsHotel was our third attempt for Charlie’s comfort away from home.  It was ok, and expensive, and has such a corporate atmosphere.  Fortunately, last weekend Petsmart PetsHotel was full and I tried in earnest to find a comparable place that would accept my dog last minute. 

Since my trip crossed through Delaware, I sought a doggie daycare and boarding facility that could take Charlie in for the weekend.  The Doggie Playhouse said “no problem”, and I was in luck!!  Charlie could play all day and stay overnight for only $30!  In my experience, that is the cost of boarding with NO playtime.  Anyway, Charlie had a blast playing with all of the dogs, which we were encouraged to watch right from the beginning.  He got nervous and peed right away, but the staff quickly cleaned it up and was unphased by his mess.  Charlie got to sniff the dogs one by one, and eventually play with them all.

The ladies working at The Doggie Playhouse clearly love dogs, and were well acquainted with all of them.  They only went behind the desk to file my paperwork, and were otherwise consumed with maintaining the facility and ensuring the dogs were safely having a good time.  I picked up a happy Charlie three days later, and even received pictures from his playtime with the other dogs!
I wanted a dog for the wholehearted fun they bring to your home, and I am so glad I can offer him opportunities to play to his heart’s content at The Doggie Playhouse while I’m away.  Since then he has been back many times and comes home just has happy as his first visit.
I am writing this letter because I want to share my experience with others, as I have moved up to Connecticut and cannot spread the word to the locals.  I hope your dog enjoys his/her time at The Doggie Playhouse as much as Charlie always has!

~ Katie Sanders


Lexey & Lacey’s Mom Writes:


How wonderful and kind of you to do this for me!  You have no idea what these photos mean to me!  I don’t even know where to begin to thank you.  I also really want to let you know that you have an amazing group of people that work for you.  Everyone has made me feel so comfortable, they even calmed me down when necessary (sorry about that, guess I was worried to leave my babies) and they were so very loving to my little puppies.  I knew that Lacey and Lexey were in great hands and that eased my mind so much, and I really could enjoy my vacation (my husband thanks you for that …LOL).  He was more afraid for me than he was for the puppies!

Anyway, I am just so happy with everything that you did for us and I have been raving about you and your services to everyone I know!  You can definitely count on seeing us again very shortly!

Thank you again,
Hockessin, De

Ron & Caroline Laufer
Peanut's Parents Write:

We are so lucky to have found The Doggie Playhouse! Peanut absolutely loves going to see all her friends at The Doggie Playhouse. As soon as we turn onto Dawson Drive, Peanut starts getting excited at the subtle familiarity of the street and then as soon as we turn into the parking lot, forget about it - Peanut goes nuts! Her tails starts wagging like crazy and she starts making sounds of excitement because she knows where she is. Kelli and the staff are very caring and helpful. We get the feeling that they love Peanut just as much as we do and that means so much to us - It's almost like we're dropping Peanut off at family's.

My husband and I did about a week's worth of research before choosing a daycare/boarding facility and there's zero doubt that we chose the right place. The Doggie Playhouse really is a wonderful home away from home. The first time I dropped Peanut off for daycare, I admit I had a little separation anxiety - but the ladies at Doggie Playhouse emailed some pictures by mid-day showing how much fun Peanut was having with her new friends. The pictures really eased my mind and showed how attentive the ladies were to my personal needs as a parent. I thought the pictures were for my first visit only but actually, they take pictures and post them online all the time! It's a total joy to see new pictures of Peanut playing with her friends with each daycare. Not only do they take the time to take pictures of the dogs everyday, they also take the time to do the little sweet things that we're sure nowhere else does - things like making cute little treat bags for Valentine's Day, making adorable paw-print ornaments for Christmas, etc. These are things that make The Doggie Playhouse truly unique and special.

Their rates are incredibly reasonable - we'd even call it a steal for everything that Peanut gets. She can get her energy out in a very safe and fun environment with people who truly care about Peanut's wellbeing. Also, as 1st-time puppy parents, we're thankful to have such a knowledgeable resource available to answer all our questions - everything from how to get our pup to bark less to how to best introduce Peanut to our new baby girl. Our daughter arrived a little earlier than expected and Kelli and the staff were incredibly helpful and accommodating to have our little Peanut for 2 weeks while we got acclimated with the routine of taking care of our new little one.

We'll be moving by the end of the summer and will be so sad to not be able to send Peanut to Doggie Playhouse as often. We know that we'll never be able to find a place quite as loving and caring as The Doggie Playhouse.

Ron & Caroline Laufer
Newark, De

Melanie & Bruce Cole
Oscar & Siegfried's Mom & Dad write:

Kelli and staff,

Thank you, as usual, for the great care Oscar and Sieg received during their stays at The Doggie Playhouse in February and March! They love to go there so much. Also, we really appreciate the pictures of our babies you put on the Internet. My daughter living in Arizona was so excited to see them, and even my other daughter who was in India at the time got to enjoy them and have a little connection to home!

Thank you again for all the wonderful care you and your staff give our puppies. I feel you all love them as much as we do! I don't worry about them at all when we're away; I know they are in good hands!

Melanie & Bruce Cole
Newark, De


Diane Street
Jack & Hazel’s Mom Writes:

The kids were there for six days and they are now home and exhausted!  They obviously had tooo much fun!  Although my Jack is a little hoarse because he barked a bit, they were well cared for and the staff was wonderful.  Everyone there was very friendly and organized – especially with a lot of ‘dogs’ running around.  Even the dogs that greeted me at the door made me fell welcome!  I did not worry about leaving them for our little vacation as Harper Beste and Josephine Ralston have raved about the place!  Jack and Hazel are now curled up together – sound asleep BUT…no barking!  Sshhhh – also there will be no barking at The Doggie Playhouse tomorrow!!!! 

Thanks so much for taking very good care of the Street Kids!!  See you again soon…

Diane Street
Dover, De


Betsy & Shawn Lanouette
Killian & Tonka’s Parents Write:

My oh my… where do we start?  How about with WE LOVE THE DOGGIE PLAYHOUSE!!!!  From the first time we brought Killian for his first half day of daycare, to help us get him used to boarding when we were getting married, to the day when Killian got a day without his little brother, Tonka, because of the ‘Skunk’ incident!  The Doggie Playhouse has been there for us every time and we love every day ‘our boys’ get to go and have fun!  Tonka had his first stay there when he was a tiny puppy, and has grown up with you all, and I can honestly say, he’s a better dog for it!

Each and every time we drop off or pick up ‘our boys’, there is not only a smile on the faces of all of the staff, but both Shawn and I, and most importantly Killian & Tonka!  We can’t even say the words Doggie Playhouse without both of them running to the door and waiting to go!  And getting to see those happy faces on the website makes it even better.  I even have the site book marked on my computer!

I’ve never met a more caring and kind group of people than the staff at The Doggie Playhouse!!  Everyone not only cares for ‘our boys’ as much as we do, but they’re always looking out for their (and our) best interests.  From helping us shed some unwanted pounds from Killian, to helping us find training for Tonka, and even going the extra mile to help me ‘de-skunk’ Tonka after being sprayed (BIG BIG thanks to Kelli on that one…PU!)!!

We are SO happy we have found The Doggie Playhouse, and are so thankful to have a safe and healthy place for our dogs to have fun.  We are comforted to know they are in hands as good as our own!!

~Betsy & Shawn Lanouette

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Thank you to all of you for your unbelievably kind words, they are truly appreciated by everyone at The Doggie Playhouse!!

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