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Do you ever feel just a little guilty about your dog being left home alone so often?

Let's face it, we are probably all a bit busier than we'd like to be. Between work, endless errands, kids, cleaning, you name it, you hardly have a spare moment for yourself. By the time you get everything done, you're completely worn out. You simply don't have the time, or the energy to give your dog the exercise and attention he/she needs.




That's where doggie daycare comes in:

Why The Doggie Playhouse?

The Doggie Playhouse is not your average Dog
Daycare! Have you ever wondered why some daycares do
not let you see where YOUR Dog is staying during the
day? That is unacceptable- our dogs are our furry
children and just like you would inspect your child's
daycare you should do the same thing for your dog!
Here at The Doggie Playhouse we take doggie daycare and
boarding to another level & give it that extra

Our facility offers the following amenities:

  • Nearly 5,000 square feet of indoor play space

  • Complete climate control for the comfort of the doggies

  • Our staff members are experienced dog daycare/boarding handlers

  • Soothing music

  • Comfortable bedding

  • X-Large crates for each dog for our mid-day rest time

  • Fresh drinking water

  • Yummy treats

  • LOVE

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    Our Play Rooms:

    Our one play area is dedicated to dogs of all sizes. There is ample room(5000 sq feet) for all the dogs to move about freely.

    Everyone will have lots of toys, treats, comfy beds and fresh water all day long!  

     All doggies will learn to socialize and play with dogs of all different breeds and sizes.

    A Typical day at The Doggie Playhouse:

    Our facility is committed to caring for your dog when you are unable to do so. Throughout the day, your dog will play and socialize with a group of other friendly dogs. Dogs are naturally social animals. Most dogs enjoy the company of other dogs. Our facility is set up for the dogs to interact and play with each other. There are two special rooms for different types of dogs; i.e. small and large. There is always one of our trained dog handlers in each room to monitor & control the group.

    Daycare Dogs can be dropped off between the hours of 6:30am - 10:00am.   Between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm, all dogs have nap time. During this time, the dogs are individually walked and get a break from the playgroup. During the walks, we use basic commands with the dogs. If you would like your dog to be fed during the day to be consistent with his/her regular schedule, we would be happy to do that as well. You will need to bring in his/her own food (in a ziploc baggie) or we offer nutritional food for a small fee.  Medications can also be adminstered if needed.  The dogs have access to fresh water all day long.

    During your dog’s stay at our facility, he/she will learn some basic commands, if he/she does not already know them. Our dog handlers use basic commands with all the dogs throughout the day. (Commands such as stay, sit, off, etc.) In addition to the use of basic commands, our dog handlers use positive reinforcement techniques to keep the dogs safe throughout the day.

    After a full day of play at our facility, you will pick up an entertained and well exercised dog ready for a relaxing evening at home.

    To ensure their safety, all dogs are screened prior to attending doggie daycare/boarding and will be required to comply with all of the following rules:


    Age: All dogs must be at least 10 weeks or older.

    Gender: All adult dogs are required to be spayed or neutered. This rule does not apply to puppies under 6 months of age.

    Vaccinations: All dogs must have written proof of vaccinations. We can also call your veterinarian to obtain a copy of your records. They must have been administered by a licensed veterinarian, no owner given vaccines will be accepted.

    Worms: All dogs are required to be free from internal parasites. A fecal test, performed by your veterinarian is required for admission.

    Fleas: All dogs are required to be flea free and on some type of flea preventative.

    General Health: All dogs are required to be in good health. You will be asked to sign a contract that certifies your pet is healthy and has not been sick with, or exposed to any known diseases or disorders in the last 30 days. A written note from your veterinarian will be required to be able to return to the day care, if your pet is ill for any reason.

    Behavior: All dogs are required to be non aggressive toward other dogs and people. They must also not be food/toy protective.

    Interview: All dogs must have all completed applications and forms and private interview prior to their acceptance into the day care.  Interviews are done at a cost of $10 which will be applied to your dog's first day of daycare/boarding.

    Toys/beds: All toys and bedding will be supplied by The Doggie Playhouse. If Boarding, you are encouraged to bring in a blanket/bed/toy from home simply to make him/her feel more at home during their overnite stay (Limited to 1 toy).

    Fees: All fees are due at the time of service. Rates depend on packages purchased. Multiple dog discounts are available.

    Collars: All dogs should arrive and leave our facility on a leash. While at The Doggie Playhouse, dogs do not wear their collars.   For safety sake, no pinch, metal correction collars or flea control collars will be allowed.


    At The Doggie Playhouse our mission is:

    Provide a safe and entertaining environment for your dog to play and socialize with other friendly dogs. Dogs are social animals. They need to interact with other dogs and people on a regular basis. It is especially important for young puppies to learn how to play and interact with other dogs correctly. At our facility, dogs have that opportunity to play and socialize with other friendly dogs in a supervised environment.

    The atmosphere at The Doggie Playhouse will foster happier and healthier dogs, thereby enriching the lives of their owners. Our service also gives conscientious dog owners the peace of mind knowing that their dog is getting the exercise and socialization that he/she needs. After all, a tired dog is a happy dog.


    At The Doggie Playhouse we are striving to reach the following goals:

    • Provide a safe & fun environment where friendly dogs can play and socialize with other friendly dogs
    • Help socialize puppies by introducing them to various breeds & sizes of dogs
    • Improve the lives of our dog clients and their owners
    • Reach as many dog lovers in need of daycare services from all areas of Delaware
    • Help increase the number of dogs adopted in Delaware by providing daycare for loving and conscientious dog owners

    Whether it's just a few hours a week or everyday,
    doggie daycare provides an exciting social environment for your dog to romp, learn and play. It also gives your dog that special something to look forward to all week long - a special day, just for him! That's why
    doggie daycare is one of the hottest trends in America these days! And, after a long day at work, wouldn't it be nice if your dog were just as tired as you are?

    With daycare, dog owners notice an improvement in social skills, obedience, overall physical condition and attitude with just one or two days of daycare a week.  And, the physical activity your dog gets here at The
    Doggie Playhouse keeps them happy and satisfied even when they're at home! That means no more furniture chewing or bouncing off the walls at home.

    Call to make your dog an interview appointment TODAY!!!

    Please remember to notify us in writing if any of your contact information
    changes, especially your veterinarian's information.

    ****The Doggie Playhouse is a proud member of the Delaware Chamber of Commerce. The Doggie Playhouse employees are also proud to be volunteers for numerous dog rescue associations.****


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