Welcome to The Doggie Playhouse!!

1-(302) 456-DOGS


18 Shea Way Suite 114, Newark 19713

We are a small family owned and operated daycare that has been serving our community for over 13 years.

We pride ourselves in knowing each and every one of our clients personally, both two and four legged. Unlike other daycares, we keep our attendance numbers low so that every dog gets the loving personal attention they deserve, in a safe environment.  
Everyone is treated like family at The Doggie Playhouse, not a number. 




Unable to take your beloved furry family member away with you while you're on vacation or away for the holidays? We'll keep them smiling while you're away! Make your reservations today!!



Delaware Industrial Park

Located near the intersection of Rt. 72 and Old Baltimore Pike
(Right down the street from BJs Wholesalers)

Why bring your dog to day care?


webassets/bone.jpgIs your dog home alone all day? Bored? Destructive? Lonesome?


 webassets/bone.jpgDoes he whimper, cry, or bark at the door until you return? 


webassets/bone.jpg Does he leave you little presents that you find when you return    


 webassets/bone.jpgIs your dog overweight or does he/she need more exercise? 

webassets/bone.jpg Is your dog timid? 

webassets/bone.jpg Is your dog begging for attention when you are ready to relax?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “yes”, then your dog would enjoy going to day care. When dogs go to day care, they have playmates for companionship and social interaction. There is constant supervision to prevent any destructive behavior. The social interaction will help a timid dog gain confidence. The activity will encourage your couch potato to exercise while having fun. If you need to be gone for the day for work or any other reason, you can be assured your dog will have a great time playing and will be just as tired as you are at the end of the day.


Animal experts agree that exercise and socialization are an important part in maintaining a well-balanced, healthy dog.  Dogs left at home for extended periods of time lack proper exercise and mental stimulation which can lead to problems such as destructive behavior, incessant barking, separation anxiety, regression in housebreaking, etc. etc.

Dog Daycare provides the exercise and socialization a dog needs in a safe, supervised environment.

6:30am-7:30pm M-F 7:30am-3pm Sat
No Daycare on Sundays
Sunday Sleepover D/O & P/U 7:30-10:30 & 4:30-6:30

NO drop offs or pick ups from 12-2 M-F due to Naptime!!


Call to make your dog an interview appointment TODAY!!!




****The Doggie Playhouse is a proud member of the Delaware Chamber of Commerce. The Doggie Playhouse employees are also proud to be volunteers for numerous dog rescue associations.****





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